As a follow up to a successful soil program, a total of 31 trenches totaling 2467m were excavated yielding 2751 samples including 284 QAQC's (Standards, Blanks and Duplicates)

The objective of the trenching was to confirm soil mineralization to associated to be with the bedrock mineralization and locate with more accuracy targets for drilling. The Awhere and the Onwinase anomalous zones out of the six soil anomalies were tested with trenching.

Six (6) low to medium-level trench mineralization structures have ben defined on th Awhere anomalous zone. These include 300m by 5m mineralization structure with grades including 0.66g/t over 7m and 0.61g/t over 7m. Other mineralized structure with grade of 0.45g/t over 16m.