Result and Interpretation

Ahwere Drilling

Mineralized intercepts generally appeared to be associated with Northeast mineralization trends with milky quartz veining. Significant results received from RC drilling at Ahwere are shown in table 3 below. Results were based on 0.40g/t lower cut, not including more than 3m of waste


The Ahwere shear structure has been traced in trenches for about 1000m in strike length. Preliminary drilling on the Adwere north area exposed the orebody over 300m in strike length. The width of structure ranges between 14m-55m. It has a general strike of 020° and dip at 65°-85° to the SW between holes GARC 03 to GARC 07. The dip changes between holes GARC07-GARC 010 towards SE.

When viewed in detail, the adhere shear is interpreted as a series of an echelon strands. The shear can be subdivided into three distinct zones (figure 20); northern, central and south-western. The northern zone is defined by holes GARC010 grading16m @ 1.1g/t including 7m @ 2.0g/t and pinching at hole GARC09 grading 1m @ 0.8g/t.

The central zones consisting of two bodies define by holes GARC08 – GARC05 and GARC03 displays a pinch and swell type of mineralization having gold grades of 1m @ 0.6g/t in hole GARC08, swelling to 27m again to 10m @1.1g/t including 3m @ 0.87g/t in hole GARC05 and finally pinches to 2m @ 1.1g/t in hole GARC03.

The south-western zone (GARC03) consist of five parallel bodies with gold grades of 2m @ 0.6g/t, 6m @ 1.1g/t 6m @ 0.65g/t,3m @ 1.3g/t and ending in mineralization with a grade of 12m @ 1.34g/t.

Observation and Conclusion

The property host two types of gold bearing mineralization, the sulphide-carbonated-potassium style (+/-Cu) and the quartz-free gold style.

Mineralization extend continuously for a distance of about 250m from holes GARC03 to GARC 08

Even though Hole GARC03 ended in gold mineralization, it did not correspond to mineralization in the trench GT023. Trench logging and structural mapping indicate that sampling in the trench were done within the saprolite.

Low-tenor trench mineralization as known to increase with depth has been confirmed in several of the holes drilled. Trench GT023 recording 1m quartz vein at 0.35g/t, returned 1.5g/t in drillhole GARC03.

The mineralization target is pyrite zone with carbonate and potassium alteration developed in competent rock forming competency contrast with adjacent more homogenous ductile greenstone

At property scale, the distribution of the gold occurrences and style of mineralization suggest good potential for several meters of gold bearing structures.

Presence of more than one style of mineralization and possibility for large area mineral zoning indicates the presence of a larger gold system.