Current Exploration Activities

Soil Geochemistry

A total of about 1475 infill soil samples have been collected on the Gomoa Concession within the period amounting to a total of 3043 geochemical soil samples defining six main anomalous zones, viz ahwere, Onwinase, Oguakrom, Pratu, Oguan and Onyadze anomalies.

Statistics of results for the 3043 soil samples indicate that about 10% of the total samples collected returned gold values above the threshold value of 33Auppb. The maximum value being 3720Auppb at a point with GPS coordinate757750mE and 598600mN. Other values include 1870Auppb, 1720Auppb, 770Auppb and 750Auppb.

The potassium map above indicates the Onyadzi anomaly (south east corner) is associated with very low potassium response. The Oguakrom anomalies (central) are aligned along moderate potassium values oriented 020o, whereas the Oguan anomaly (southwest corner) is associated with very high potassium values. It is very significant to note that the gold-in-soil anomaly may extend northwards along the Oguakrom anomalous frend.