General Information


Unitedgold-Lots Limited was incorporated on 20th April 2017 under the Companies Code of 1963 to undertake mineral exploration and mining among other related businesses. The company has identified the Sikakoku area, within the Cape Coast Basin as highly prospective with potential to host economic gold mineralization. This Work Programme is thus compiled in support of an application for a Prospecting Licence covering the area of interest. The plan gives brief description of various exploration activities to be employed in assessing the mineral potential of the concession, primarily gold and lithium. These activities are only representative of the scope and nature of work intended and maybe varied depending on results and field observation.

Location and Access

The proposed Sikakoku concession covers an approximate area of 73.57 (equivalence of 350 Cadastral Units/Blocks) and is located in the Gomoa and Gomoa East Districts of the Central Region of Ghana. The area can be accessed via the Accra Winneba-Cape Coast highway. Winneba township sits only about 7km southeast, a busy commercial centre with good infrastructure and facilities including hospital, banks, high school, electricity and telecommunication network.

Table 1 shows the pillar coordinates that define boundaries of the concession while figure 1 shows the location map relative to the cities of Accra, Takoradi, Kumasi, among others.

The Sikakoku concession is mapped on topographic Field Sheet number 0501C2. Topography consists of subdued terrain rising to a maximum height of about 250 m above sea level from a base level of about 15m. The climate consists of dry equatorial type with annual rainfall between 74cm to 89cm. Relative humidity is generally high throughout the year thus compensating for the low annual rainfall. The area experiences two rainy seasons. The major season occurs in May-July and the minor season occurs from August to September.

Vegetation can be divided into 3 major types namely:
a) A coastal grassland comprising the Winneba plains.
b) A central zone of stunted secondary bush and
c) A northern semi-forested area.

The area is drained principally by the almost southerly flowing Okyi River and its numerous